Monday, August 18, 2008

It's Not Personal: I'm Just Ignoring You.

Why do moms brag about their kids? Sometimes I hate hanging out with other moms, because all they do is talk about how wonderful and brilliant and talented their kid is. Don't they know that I think my kids are wonderful, brilliant, and talented too? Do they ever think that maybe I love my children more than I love theirs, and I really don't want to hear about how long Janie can hold her breath underwater or that Johnny learned to write the letter T?

Bragging to me is a sign of insecurity, that you're unsure of your child's status in the room, so you embellish his accomplishments to feel like you'll fit in. Well, guess what? In a room full of moms, you're going to fit in best when you talk about all the problems, the aches and pains that you experience as a mother. The marathon temper tantrum or the diaper that decided to leak in church -- these are the stories that bring moms together.

So please... tell me if Junior yells "NO!" in the middle of a grocery store, or if little Sally refuses to eat foods that are brown. But please... spare me the details of the size of your son's last bowel movement or how cute your daughter's singing voice is. The horror stories are more fun to hear, and the good stuff I can see for myself.


Kally said...

When mine turned 4 she handed a birthday present back to a little girl saying "I already have one of these." .....I was so embarrassed, I wanted to shake her.

Pixie said...

See?! THAT's what I like to hear! Especially after splashing all my kids' faults all over the blogosphere! Thanks, Kally!

Steve and Stepher said...

Women bragging about their children -- just another reason why I'm childfree!

Cute blog layout. =)


Lanxi said...

I was going to comment, but my children are being so perfect and the baby is not currently under my desk shredding every paper he can find.

Some people just can't face reality!

Carol said...

This got old for me too especially because I produce super lazy/laidback kids who took there sweet time meeting all the milestones and all I would hear was other mum's telling me what overachievers their kids are.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is that when people brag that their kids can do something extraordinary, the kid refuses to do it, and it makes them look like they're lying. For that reason, I don't even try to brag.