Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm So Proud of My Little Smart Alec

"I don't want to wear my jacket!" Volcano yelled as he was getting ready to walk to school. It was a typical Oregon morning -- drizzling rain and cool temperatures -- and he needed to wear that jacket.

"Why?" I asked him, handing it to him fiercely, looking at the clock. "You like getting wet on your way to school? You like being cold?"

"No! But Tyler always teases me," he explained. "He goes, 'Why are you wearing a jacket? It's not that cold.'"

I shook my head in frustration. Tyler is Volcano's best friend and our neighbor. The boys are in the same class and on the same soccer team, yet they fight like brothers. I've been witness to several nonsense arguments on our walks to school with Tyler -- like, who is the fastest at Mario Kart on the Wii or if Superman could beat a Transformer in a fight. And they always make up by the end.

Needless to say, Volcano put on his jacket and we were on our way. And needless to say, when we met up with Tyler, he looked at Volcano and asked pointedly, "What's with the jacket? It's not that cold."

I braced myself for yet another argument. Instead, Volcano stopped short and looked strangely at Tyler. "Why are you worrying so much about my clothes?" he asked him. "It's not like I'm wearing your clothes."

Tyler's face showed surprise, and then he just shrugged. I did my best to stifle my laughter, but caught Volcano's eye and gave him a wink. He smiled proudly back. We walked the rest of the way to school in silence.

I was so proud of him for finally sticking up for himself! Maybe it wasn't so bad raising a little smart a$$.

After all, he takes after his mom.


Sweepea said...

Ha! What a great comeback, especially for a 6-year-old!!

Kally said...

Go Volcano!!! I love it.

Dad Stuff said...

Nice comeback.
But you know, he will try out more of those on his Mom now.

Heather @ boy, girl, and a pug said...

Hee, hee, hee! What a quick thinker:)

Anonymous said...

It takes a village to raise a child. Wonder what home life is like for that kiddo?

tink said...

"Sammy," is it?

What was your comment supposed to mean?

Anonymous said...

I just wonder where the kid came up with the statement; maybe a father or older sibling? Usually children mimic what has been taught. Why does he have the need to put down your son? Don't you think put downs have everything to do with the source and nothing to do with the person they are attacking or putting down. See what I mean? I think it's just sad. It’s good your son stuck up for himself, but he really shouldn’t think it has anything to do with himself.

Elena said...

The kid's six -- he's probably not taking it personally. I think it's important for a kid to know how to stick up for himself, and Volcano wasn't being mean or insulting.

marisa said...

I think Sammy's talking about the other kid, not Volcano. Volcano wasn't being mean, he was just responding to a kid's teasing.

georgia said...

I agree with what Sammy is saying... it makes you wonder why Tyler is so judgemental. But there's no wondering where Volcano gets his smart mouth from!