Monday, July 30, 2007

Hey! I'm On Vacation!

For a few weeks, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly will be taking a much-needed vacation. Please take this time to look at some of the classic posts of the past and to add your comments.

I would like to recommend some of my personal favorite posts:

If you have any more faves, let me know! And have a great summer!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Mommy Quote of the Week

"The place of the father in the modern suburban family is a very small one, particularly if he plays golf."

-- Bertrand Russel

(Dedicated to my wonderful Hubby and his renewed interest in golf.)

Monday, July 23, 2007

The New Mr. Mom

Comedian Louis C.K., surprisingly, knows what motherhood is all about. (And I think he's met my children, by the way he talks about them.)

Friday, July 20, 2007

Mommy Quote of the Week

"I want my kids not to argue... I literally wake up every morning [to]: 'Mom, she's touching me.' But it's much louder and much more grating."

-- Kelly Ripa

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Glamorous Life

Our MOMS Club had their annual "Academommy Awards," a ceremony that celebrates the end of the school year. During the party, eight different awards are given out, for such things as Most Friendly, Most Organized, and Most Involved.

For some reason, I was given the award for Most Glamourous. I hate to admit it, but I was pretty proud of myself. I do always try to look my best, and it was nice to be recognized for my efforts. But I've never considered myself to be "glamorous." Maybe Best Effort to Look Her Best Besides the Fact That She Has Two Small Children would have been more appropriate, but I don't think it would've fit on the certificate. I guess in the Mommy World, wearing lipstick and clean clothes makes you "glamourous."

So at the next event, this one mom pointed at my clothes and said snidely, "Hmm... I would've expected something more from our Most Glamourous."

Great, I thought. Now I have this "title" to live up to. I just smiled at her fakely. "I knew you were coming, so I dressed down a bit," I told her, taking my seat.

And I wonder why I wasn't voted Most Friendly...?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Full-Time Mom? Priceless! has come up with an estimated fair wage for the "typical stay-at-home mom" with two children for executing all of her daily tasks based on a 100-hour work week. The website used a combination of salaries based on what you would have to pay other people to do the same work as a full-time mom.

For example the national average salaries for:

1. Day-care Center Teacher = $26,8912
2. Van Driver = $30,7623
3. Housekeeper = $18,7504
4. Cook = $31,0995
5. CEO = $612,6236.
6. General Maintenance Worker = $29,656

This results in the following figures:
Full-Time Mom Base Pay (40 hours) = $45,697
Plus Mom Overtime (60 hours) = $88,424
TOTAL Full-Time Mom Salary = $134,121 a year! also feels that full-time moms are still not adequately compensated with this salary, because we are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and full-time moms do not get any benefits such as pension plans or health benefits.

In addition, mothers perform other chores and responsibilities that were not listed above, such as counselor, educator, tutor, entertainer, laundress, nurse, or accountant. And, it seems, I have become the local garbage collector as well.

So, I ask you ... where's my f%$#ing paycheck?!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Animal Cruelty vs. Child Cruelty

It seems that PETA is trying to "educate" the next generation of animal lovers by publishing comic books. PETA (which stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is a worldwide organization that, in its efforts to raise awareness to the issues of animal cruelty, often places animal rights above the rights of humans.

According to, an offshoot website of, protesters dressed up as cuddly woodland creatures and placed themselves outside of theaters showing The Nutcracker during the holiday season a few years ago. The costumed raccoons and foxes handed out graphic picture books to children, pictured left.

As they proudly stated on their website, this was their plan:

As children arrive to see the "Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy," some will be unaware that their mothers are already starring in a real-life horror story! PETA will be there to greet any fur-clad moms and their children with their newest anti-fur leaflet: PETA Comics presents..."Your Mommy Kills Animals!"

Now, I am a big believer in free speech. I am also firmly against hunting and killing defenseless animals only to wear their fur. I, too, get angry when I see a woman wearing a fur coat, because it reminds me of the cruel death that occurred to make that piece of clothing. But isn't this taking things a bit too far? Why must innocent and defenseless children be the victims of your rage?

As it is further described in this article, PETA wanted the children to be deathly afraid of their mothers and to burst out in tears.

Kids will see the bloody truth behind their moms’ pretentious pelts. Accompanied by graphic photographs of skinned carcasses and animals languishing on fur farms, children will read: "Lots of wonderful foxes, raccoons, and other animals are kept by mean farmers who squish them into cages so small that they can hardly move. They never get to play or swim or have fun. All they can do is cry -- just so your greedy mommy can have that fur coat to show off in when she walks the streets."

PETA should hand out information on what parents can do to help these animals, instead of frightening their children and causing them to have nightmares. Show parents how they can educate their children against animal cruelty, instead of berating them in front of their children. Why doesn't PETA have an animal trainer or zookeeper take a raccoon or a fox to a nearby school, and present them with interesting facts about the animal? Let the children get to pet them. Then children will learn to love these animals and care for them, instead of fear them. A positive approach would be much more effective.

Information is powerful, while propaganda is just... well... scary.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Mommy Quote of the Week

"There are times when parenthood seems nothing more than feeding the hand that bites you."

-- Peter DeVries

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Today Hubby and I celebrate our 8th Wedding Anniversary! (Wow, where has time gone?) So many things have changed. We've lived through 3 houses, with over 7 mortgages, in two different states, in 5 different cities. We've owned 3 different dogs, 5 different cars, and had two great kids. I try to imagine counting all the times we fought, all the times we made up, and all the problems we struggled through together. Hubby and I have been through a lot in these past 8 years.

So I thought I'd think back to our wedding day and try to remember what I was going through back then, completely unaware of what my future holds.

Eight years ago, I was...

1. sweating in my wedding dress in 100 degree California heat.
2. nervous about my future, but ready to take that leap.
3. fighting with my wedding photographer.
4. dancing with my dad for the last time (which is the only time I cried at my wedding).
5. the center of attention for the last time (which makes me want to cry right now).
6. marrying my true love, my best friend, my missing piece ... my everything!
It's hard to believe that I was so young, making such a big decision. But it felt right, and it was right. And I wouldn't trade those eight years for anything!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Mommy Quote of the Week

"I got so much advice; I just started tuning it out. If one more person told me what I had to do when the baby comes, I was going to shoot 'em."

-- Kate Hudson

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Birthday, U.S.A.!

Have a safe and fun Fourth of July!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Like a Wall in L.A., I've Been Tagged!

I have received a "meme," thanks to my good friend Dad Stuff at Stuff in My Brain. And like a dutiful blogger, I will keep it going! The subject is favorite local restaurants, and I am keen to oblige. If there's one thing I like doing, it's eating out. So here are my 5 favorite local restaurants...

If you're ever in Salem, Oregon, the best place to eat is R.A.M. Restaurant and Brewery, pictured here. Not only do they have great burgers and brews, but they also have fun drinks and cocktails (I like their mojitos). RAM has great appetizers: homemade potato chips with garlic sour cream sauce, BBQ quesadilla, or the Buttface Cheese Dip. (My God, my mouth is watering...) And my favorite sandwich is the Hot Crab & Artichoke Sadwich: it's crab and artichoke dip on bread. Save room for dessert, because you have to try the Mile High Mud Pie.

Also in Salem is Busick Court Restaurant, a great place to have breakfast. Try one of their scrambles (I like the "This Ain't the Hilton") or one of their famouse omlettes. The coffee is great too.

Another good breakfast place in Salem is Sybil's Omelettes Unlimited. You name it, they'll put it in an omelette for you. The service is excellent, and the food is delicious. You can even ask for your hash browns deep fried. Mmmm....

For lunch I suggest Casey's Cafe, a small but famous joint downtown. Although their specialty is hot dogs, their burgers and sandwiches are great, too, and their homemade fries are the best. I especially like the atmosphere: there's a jukebox in the corner and you're surrounded by signed pictures of famous patrons, all the way from the Beastie Boys to George Bush.

And lastly, for some sushi, you have to try Fuji Rice Time in downtown Salem. My favorite is the Chef Roll, but they're all delicious. The atmosphere is great and pretty kid-friendly.

And, as Dad Stuff puts it, it's time to "pass on the fork to five others for culinary direction." But if I don't tag you here, leave a comment -- I still want to hear from you!

1. Absolutely Bananas -- I can't wait to hear about those great Seattle joints!
2. Sweepea's Lounge -- I know you know all the great places in L.A.!
3. Chicken and Cheese -- The name speaks for itself.
4. Creative-Type Dad -- Give us the scoop in your part of L.A.
5. A Day in the Life -- Can't wait to hear from you!