Thursday, June 28, 2007

Honey! Look what Johnny brought home from school again!

Running into an old colleague of mine, I heard that a student from my old work, where I had been a teacher, got into some trouble recently. He asked to be excused from class to use the restroom, and, when released, went next door to an unlocked classroom. Inside, he stole the teacher's purse, containing her credit cards, some cash, and her keys. Most importantly, he stole the "A" key, a key that can open up any door in the entire school, making it highly valuable. Now, it's worth about $30,000 to replace every lock in the school, so this is one expensive key.

This star student went home that day and, to his credit, confessed to his parents about what he had done. However, instead of making their child return the stolen goods, or punishing him in another way, the parents decided to get in on the action.

They packed all of the kids in the car, drove back to the school and, using the "A" key, proceeded to rob the rest of the school. Everything was taken: computers, VCRs, audio and visual equipment, all the way down to personal items that belonged to the students and staff.

How were they finally caught? Well, the next day, our star student was bragging to his friends on the playground about his huge score.

Once the administration found out, it was over. Not only did Star Student get sent to Juvenile Hall, his parents were sent to jail and his brothers and sisters were thrown in foster homes. So instead of taking the opportunity to discipline their child, these parents separated their family indefinitely. Instead of using this as a chance to set a moral example for him, they may never see their son again. Instead of teaching him the difference between right and wrong, they lost all of their children as well as their freedom.

And they say parents don't have any interest in their children's schoolwork...

Inspired by this post, I am creating the Bad Parents of the Month award. Stay tuned each month to learn about the horrible things that parents around the world do to their children! And if you hear about something, email me the story so that they can be humiliated on my blog!


delilah said...

Pathetic. Absolutely PATHETIC!

Dad Stuff said...

That just shows that some people don't deserve children and are mentally incapable of taking care of them.
These kind of parents create kids who turn into these kind of parents.
Those poor kids.