Thursday, June 7, 2007

Mallrats Should Be Exterminated

The kids and I were on a recent shopping trip at the mall when we stopped for a quick lunch. Volcano started talking about how his sandwich could dance and sing. Monkey was laughing as Volcano started to make everything on the table -- food, drinks, napkins, you name it -- dance along to his song.

We were having a great time when I saw some teenagers at the next table giggling. One of the boys was moving around his soda, mimicking Volcano with this stupid look on his face. I just looked at him with a smile. "That's cute..." I told him, "...when you're four."

This made all of his friends go "Ooh!" and laugh too. Sure enough, he stopped.


creative-type dad said...


I hate mallrats. I always wonder what kind of parents just drop their kid off at the mall to "hang out" and get into trouble.

Just irritating...

jessicahb said...

Teenagers think they're so cool. Were we ever that obnoxious?