Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Full-Time Mom? Priceless!

Salary.com has come up with an estimated fair wage for the "typical stay-at-home mom" with two children for executing all of her daily tasks based on a 100-hour work week. The website used a combination of salaries based on what you would have to pay other people to do the same work as a full-time mom.

For example the national average salaries for:

1. Day-care Center Teacher = $26,8912
2. Van Driver = $30,7623
3. Housekeeper = $18,7504
4. Cook = $31,0995
5. CEO = $612,6236.
6. General Maintenance Worker = $29,656

This results in the following figures:
Full-Time Mom Base Pay (40 hours) = $45,697
Plus Mom Overtime (60 hours) = $88,424
TOTAL Full-Time Mom Salary = $134,121 a year!

Salary.com also feels that full-time moms are still not adequately compensated with this salary, because we are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and full-time moms do not get any benefits such as pension plans or health benefits.

In addition, mothers perform other chores and responsibilities that were not listed above, such as counselor, educator, tutor, entertainer, laundress, nurse, or accountant. And, it seems, I have become the local garbage collector as well.

So, I ask you ... where's my f%$#ing paycheck?!


jennie o said...

Wow! Wouldn't that be great if moms were actually PAID to be full-time caretakers for their kids? What a concept!

emma said...


georgia said...

Being paid to be a full-time mom? Hmmm... seems to me that that would mean society actually VALUED us!

Mama Blogger said...

Amen, sister! Show me the money!

Anonymous said...

Right on! Seems like we should also get some retroactive pay, tax-free...