Monday, July 30, 2007

Hey! I'm On Vacation!

For a few weeks, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly will be taking a much-needed vacation. Please take this time to look at some of the classic posts of the past and to add your comments.

I would like to recommend some of my personal favorite posts:

If you have any more faves, let me know! And have a great summer!


Absolutely Bananas said...

have fun and enjoy your time off!

Jenn said...

enjoy your vacation!!

debbie said...

I think Melee at the Mall is my personal favorite too. "You don't know me!"

clemmy said...

Haha! Debbie, you're right. I love that one, too.

Have fun, Pixie!

mama blogger said...

Hey! I miss you! When are you coming back? I need my Mommy Quote of the Week to get me through! Pixieeeeeeeeeee!

viviana said...

I personally liked Mc Fight at Mickey D's. It was funny to imagine both you and Ali going at it with those 2 girls.

Hope you had a good vacay.