Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Like a Wall in L.A., I've Been Tagged!

I have received a "meme," thanks to my good friend Dad Stuff at Stuff in My Brain. And like a dutiful blogger, I will keep it going! The subject is favorite local restaurants, and I am keen to oblige. If there's one thing I like doing, it's eating out. So here are my 5 favorite local restaurants...

If you're ever in Salem, Oregon, the best place to eat is R.A.M. Restaurant and Brewery, pictured here. Not only do they have great burgers and brews, but they also have fun drinks and cocktails (I like their mojitos). RAM has great appetizers: homemade potato chips with garlic sour cream sauce, BBQ quesadilla, or the Buttface Cheese Dip. (My God, my mouth is watering...) And my favorite sandwich is the Hot Crab & Artichoke Sadwich: it's crab and artichoke dip on bread. Save room for dessert, because you have to try the Mile High Mud Pie.

Also in Salem is Busick Court Restaurant, a great place to have breakfast. Try one of their scrambles (I like the "This Ain't the Hilton") or one of their famouse omlettes. The coffee is great too.

Another good breakfast place in Salem is Sybil's Omelettes Unlimited. You name it, they'll put it in an omelette for you. The service is excellent, and the food is delicious. You can even ask for your hash browns deep fried. Mmmm....

For lunch I suggest Casey's Cafe, a small but famous joint downtown. Although their specialty is hot dogs, their burgers and sandwiches are great, too, and their homemade fries are the best. I especially like the atmosphere: there's a jukebox in the corner and you're surrounded by signed pictures of famous patrons, all the way from the Beastie Boys to George Bush.

And lastly, for some sushi, you have to try Fuji Rice Time in downtown Salem. My favorite is the Chef Roll, but they're all delicious. The atmosphere is great and pretty kid-friendly.

And, as Dad Stuff puts it, it's time to "pass on the fork to five others for culinary direction." But if I don't tag you here, leave a comment -- I still want to hear from you!

1. Absolutely Bananas -- I can't wait to hear about those great Seattle joints!
2. Sweepea's Lounge -- I know you know all the great places in L.A.!
3. Chicken and Cheese -- The name speaks for itself.
4. Creative-Type Dad -- Give us the scoop in your part of L.A.
5. A Day in the Life -- Can't wait to hear from you!


Sweepea said...

Thanks for the tag, Biyatch (say like Paris). I'm going out tonight to Firefly (one of my faves), so maybe that'll top the list!

creative-type dad said...

Does Chuck E Cheese count? Although, it's really on my list of places not to visit.

Absolutely Bananas said...

ooh sounds like fun. Thanks for the tag!