Monday, August 20, 2007

Are You Smarter Than an 11-Year-Old?

I tried watching that show Are You Smarter Than a Fifth-Grader, but it was way too annoying. If I got the question wrong, I'm an idiot. But if I got the question right, I'm only as smart as whatever grade they're on. So what's the point?

Well, a recent survey on BBC News compares an adult's knowledge to that of a child. Of course, results showed that an average 11-year-old knows more than their own parents. "In some subjects in a quiz taken by more than 1,500 parents and children aged eight to 12, the youngsters did actually know more."

Duh. That's because we adults have processed and discarded any knowledge we deem irrelevant. If I don't need it, my brain tosses it away. Kids on the other hand, don't know what they're going to need, so they keep it all. Plus, they're learning these facts more recently than we did. I personally think that's why I get so frustrated with the never-ending question "Why?" Because I probably don't know, that's why!

So why the big concern? I guess some parents are struggling to help their own children with their homework, and this is causing more and more children to have problems with their education. "Parental involvement is known to be a crucial factor in how well children do at school." But I think what we, as adults, have the knowledge of how to find the information we need -- we know which resources can help us attain whatever it is we need to know. And that, I feel, is what is most relevant when you need the facts.

Just for fun, take the test, and see how you measure up. I actually got an 11, which means "top of the class." So there!


Jenn said...

well, i got a 9, but most of that was even just guesses. I'll have to let my 11yr old take the test and see how he does :)

debbie t. said...

hey! i got a 10! who knew you were such a brain, pixie?