Monday, January 28, 2008

Now Try This!

Because my Mommy Exercise and Diet Plan opened to such rave reviews, I'd like to suggest some of the other products in our line:

The Mommy Perfume:
You have several choices in this category. We have the "Poop" scent, or the "Chicken McNuggets" scent. Also comes in "Breast Milk" or "Formula", for those Mommies with infants.

The Mommy T-shirt:
Complete with barf stains and spit-up.

The Mommy Mini Van:
Not only does it include all the car seats, it also has the books, toys, and other junk you need. Added trunk space includes the stroller and pack-in-play for easy storage. Spilled Cheerios and crushed Goldfish crackers complete the package.

The Mommy Purse:
No childless woman would be caught dead with this purse, but for the on-the-go Mommy, it's a must have. Too huge and heavy to hold on your shoulder, it comes complete with cell phone, tissues, extra diapers, change of clothes for each child, children's emergency cards, Band-Aids, toys, books, games, snacks, bottles, wet wipes, umbrella and raincoats (in case it rains), hats (in case it's too sunny), and sunblock. Sorry, no room for your wallet.

We take cash, money orders, and accept all major credit cards. We even accept PayPal! But no Disney Princess money, please.


emma said...


Life As I Know It said...

I'm quite fond of the vomit scented perfume...

fresh air said...

Unfortunately, I already have several of these products!!