Monday, March 31, 2008

My Vacation Hangover

Spring Break is over, which means my birthday is over, and I'm exhausted! It was a busy and fun two weeks, and all I have is some great pictures and a huge load of laundry to show for it. Why does vacation seem to make me more tired than rested?

A parade of relatives tromped through the house (6 family members in all, in three shifts) so that the sheets and towels seemed to make a daily commute between the washer and dryer. I also had to increase my cooking skills to impress the guests as well as to feed a larger group (so microwave taquitos just wouldn't cut it). And then there's the constant "What shall we do today?" schedule where we take the relatives to the zoo, the museum, the park... any attraction where they could see how cute the kids are in their natural habitat.

But don't think I'm complaining. We all had a blast, and now I feel tired, but happy. It's kind of a let down, like the day after Christmas. It's like a "NOW WHAT??" feeling -- no more people to entertain, and no more adult conversation to enjoy until Hubby gets home from work. I think I also feel this way because my birthday celebrating is officially over, now that all the celebrants are back at home, and it's back to the daily (ie. boring) routine.

So now it's nothing to look forward to until summer... when the parade starts all over again.


heather said...

"Why does vacation seem to make me more tired than rested?"

When I read that I shouted out loud, "Amen, sister!"

Thanks for always being right, and making me laugh in the process.

Life As I Know It said...

I usually need a vacation after my vacation too!
Sounds like it was a fun (and busy) week!

debbie t. said...

"Vacation" with family visiting is not "vacation" -- that's called "WORK." I feel for you, Pixie!