Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dinner Table Topics

Who's turn is it to set the table? Because it's time for another Dinner Table Topics, where I supply the subjects and you and your family provide the lively conversation! Here's what's going on this time...

A recent survey was taken about over-involved parents, or "helicopter parents" as they are often referred to due to their "hovering" nature. It seems that children of these parents who constantly communicate with or even manage their children closely are found to be happier and more engaged in college. These students seem to be more confident in approaching professors for help and are more apt to participate in class discussions. This is good news for us parents who are looking to give our kids that extra "lift" (pun intended).

Secondly, Professor Lilian Katz, a professor of education at the University of Illinois, made a statement that says pushing young children to read too early and too hard could put them off for life, especially affecting boys. She believes government plans to teach children to read even earlier than kindergarten or first grade -- at preschool -- are a mistake. I totally and completely agree! It seems that many parents seem to stress about what skills their child is reaching, instead of letting them just be kids and grow at their own pace. Just like learning to walk, potty-training, or learning to speak, every child learns to read when they are ready, and there is no need to rush them! So don't let anyone talk your ear off about their precious child being smarter than yours -- life's not a sprint, but a marathon, right? As Dr. Katz says, "What's the hurry?"

Now... talk amongst yourselves!

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