Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Who's the Parent Here?

Uh-oh! Here we go again! Thanks to our friends at Sweepea's Lounge, we've found another Random Act of Bad Parenting.

According to the Monroe County News website, a 13-year-old Michigan girl had to call 911 on a cell phone about 3:45 p.m. this past February. She had to report that she was with her dad on the highway, and he was drunk. The girl told central dispatch that her dad was intoxicated and driving a gold van on the I-75. She also explained that he had plans to drive them to Florida, and she didn't want to go.

It's a sad state of affairs when a teenager has to discipline her father. Worse yet, she had to call authorities when her attempts to discipline him failed. Seems the father needs the lessons, not the child: in driving drunk and generally being reckless and selfish. Thankfully, the girl is safe. And she will hopefully learn from her father's mistakes instead of repeat them.


Dad Stuff said...

At least he had the foresight to get her a cell phone.

It probably won't be long before he is using his daughter for sober-cab.

jennie said...

Well, at least someone was being responsible. Sad.

creative-type dad said...

wow, that poor kid