Monday, June 16, 2008

Ahh... the Joys of Being So Disgustingly Famous

So file this under T.M.I.: in a recent article, Angelina Jolie raves about the joys of pregnancy. "It's great for the sex life," she said. "It just makes you a lot more creative. So you have fun, and as a woman you're just so round and full."

Blech. Do I really need to hear that? And how is this "news"?

But what really chaps my hide is when she describes how she's going to handle her new additions to the family. When asked how she and "partner" Brad Pitt plan to handle six young children, Jolie said: "We really don't know. His mom and dad are on standby to come out and help. And fortunately we can hire help if we need it..."

That reminds me... have you ever seen the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on TV, or the movie Best in Show? Dogs are bred from a very young age to perform in these shows and to win prizes. And everyone has a different job to raise and care for these dogs. One person reproduces the puppies while someone else raises them, then someone else shows them.

Isn't that what Jolie and Pitt are doing? Handing off the duties of raising a child after it comes out of the birth canal? So... she's really not a mother! She's a breeder! And parading them in front of the public is just another dog show!


Sweepea said...

Nice to see that they have a plan: Just spit them out and then figure out how to take care of them.

auds at barking mad said...

I am ever so bloody sick of Brangelina. Seriously.

Full and round, give me a break!

Taking care of the kids? Give me another break. I'm surprised she's planning on breastfeeding them herself (as she did Shiloh)and not HIRING a wet nurse.

And I don't freakin care when she pops them out. Isn't there something a tad more newsworthy? At this point I'm starting to miss the daily Britney-bits!


By the way, love your blog, found you through Absolutely Bananas.

jessicahb said...

That is too funny -- I never thought about it that way until you said that: she is like a dog breeder. There's something wrong in this world when people like this can adopt and have babies at a whim when so many people are struggling with it.

Testarosa said...

Why is it wrong that Jolie adopts and has her own children? Compare this to the number of unwed mothers who have babies that live on welfare. Now THAT is wrong.

I agree that I could careless about Jolie and Pitt personal affairs. So they have a baby. At least it will be well cared for, and have a shot at the best of everything available in life. And, I'd make book her children will not grow-up to be out of control brats like Spears, Lohan, Hilton, and the rest of that trash lot.

Obviously, I've missed something about hobby dog breeders.

Puppymillers produce puppies from the first heat the bitch comes in-season, are raised in horrific conditions, transported to pet stores around the country with a large quantity dying in-transit as they are so cheap to produce, lossage is not a big deal. And the breeding stock live in filth, rarely have human contact, no vet care or grooming, and are summarily killed when they are deemed unproductive (death is a good thing at this point). This accounts for 100% of the puppies sold through pet stores, and a large majority (I’d guess over 90%) sold over the Internet or from ads placed in newspapers.

Meanwhile, responsible hobby breeders who breed for conformation (re: to a breed standard of how the dog should look so a pug looks like a pug each time), health (to screen out problems) and compete in dog shows don't make a penny by selling puppies, screen who gets buys their puppies (you should be so lucky), typically doesn't breed the bitch until the 2nd or 3rd heat cycle, screens and plans breedings, has a waiting list of good homes, and will take a dog back, for free, at any age should the owner no longer be able to care for it. When I say they don’t make money, I mean the do this for the love of the breed. $1,000 for puppy hardly covers the expense of properly raising a litter and competing in dog shows to prove their dogs are of sound quality and health. Oh, and they participate in breed rescue to help place dogs people buy from pet stores when they decide they no longer want them; they do this at no cost, and in fact do so at their own expense. So when you get a dog from rescue and they ask for $150 for the dog, it is a drop in the bucket compared to the expensive involved with the actual rescue. This is called being responsible for someone else’s lack of morality and ethics.

Are all hobby breeders who participate in dog shows responsible? Of course not. There are probably 10% that are not just as in any element of society, 10% do wrong. Reward and praise those 90% who never get recognized for the good they do where others fail horrible in the human condition.

Those who show at Westminster spend several thousand dollars each year they show a dog there. Why? It is the world's premiere dog show where a win there is a huge reward in a labor of love.

Somehow beating up people who responsibly breed pure-bred dogs is in-favor, and I just don't get it. No one publicly attacks someone who buys a puppy from a pet store or backyard breeder, yet they are exactly the ones that perpetuate the issue of puppymills. Do a Google search on "puppy mill" or "puppymill" and learn for yourself where pet store dogs come from, all pet store puppies, no exceptions.

Adopting from a shelter is wonderful. And, it is wonderful when a responsible breeder creates a puppy and places it in a caring and loving home. And showing dogs, when did that become a crime or something deplorable like Michael Vick and dog fights?

Think twice before you make fun of dog shows and responsible hobby breeders until you know exactly what you are talking about.

BTW, "Best In Show" was a hoot! And a lot of truth, and exaggeration, was depicted in that film.

Pixie said...

My dear Testarosa,

You've misread my post! I in no way meant to insult dog breeders or those who show dogs. In fact, if you read carefully, you would see that I liked the movie "Best in Show," and often watch the dog shows myself.

And I'm not sure why you brought up puppy mills. I certainly didn't mention them. Are you equating the life of a puppy to that of a baby?

I did, however, solely mean to insult the mothering techniques of Brangelina. I don't believe that people should have children and then irresponsibly ship them off to others to care for.

That is my opinion, and you are free not to read it.

georgia said...

Wow... cool it, Testarosa. No one said anything bad about dog breeders or dog shows. We're talking about the baby factory that is Brangelina. Chill.

Pixie said...

Oh, and by the way, not that I have to justify myself, but I myself have adopted three dogs from the Humane Society and have welcomed them as members into my family. But you wouldn't know that, would you?

And why are we still talking about dogs? This post is about parenting!

Jenny said...

By the way, Testarosa, Angelina Jolie IS an "unwed mother"! Just because she's rich doesn't make it any more moral or right!

debbie t. said...

Having SIX children out of wedlock and not being able to care for them yourself? I don't care who you are -- that's just plain IRRESPONSIBLE! At least that mother in the midwest who just had her 18th kid takes care of them all herself!

Testarosa said...

>> That reminds me... have you ever seen the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on TV, or the movie Best in Show? Dogs are bred from a very young age to perform in these shows and to win prizes. <<

There is a attitude that hobby breeders breed dogs at a very young age just to show, and this blog perpetuates this idea. "When the story becomes fact, print it." This is so untrue.

Dogs don't perform at dog shows, another myth. And, the prizes they win are nothing more than trinkets. At Westminster, there are no prizes other than ribbons.

In reality, dogs shown at dog shows are very much loved and cared for. Even if they are sent out on the road with professional handlers, if they don't care for the dogs, they won't show and they won't be healthy. There is a minority of dogs at shows that are not treated well, as in any sector of society, 10% will "screw the pooch" for the rest. And, I suspect the 10% to be on the high-end.

My point, and the reason I (over) reacted is I am tired of the constant pounding people get that show dogs or own pure-bred dogs. The assault is constant from well-meaning folks. And perpetuating that dogs are bred at a very young age just to show is whacked. In fact, not one dog shown at the major dogs shows is from a pet store or "bad" breeder. Anyone who buys a dog from a "bad" breeder and tries to show will certainly be disappointed in a hurry.

We do strongly agree that we could care less about celebrities and their doings, and that "Best in Show" was a hoot. At least the help Jolie and her temporary beau (you have to agree the only reason she has anything to do with Pitt is for his jeans, er, I mean genes) will get will be quality. And I really doubt the kids will be raised like a Hilton or that crowd.

In this case, I'd agree that she is breeding like a dog breeder who carefully plans who she'll breed to to ensure she perpetuates her family tree as best as possible. Just like any female in the animal kingdom, they select only the best. (Personally, I don't see what the big deal is about Jolie anyways.)

Maybe if people reproduced responsibly, we'd have healthier children.

I also said that adopting from a shelter is wonder, just don't dis those that buy from good breeders. Those good breeders are heavily involved with rescuing dogs. I too have a dog from a puppymill auction that was breeding stock for 8 years that was considered adoptable. She gets the exact same care and treatment as my pure-bred dogs.

Having kids out of wedlock is not cool for anyone at any income level. If she were to wed Pitt, they'd surely be divorced in a few years, and then there'd be a messy divorce and all. Not good for the kids in any event, and I do feel bad for children of celebrities that the paparazzi stalk, like these two.

Peace be with you, and try attending a good dog show and talk to some of the exhibitors and you might just see that there is a lot of good in what they are doing.

Testarosa said...

>> Having SIX children out of wedlock and not being able to care for them yourself? I don't care who you are -- that's just plain IRRESPONSIBLE! <<

She's adopted at least 3 from places that treat children like trash. I'd rather see her adopt kids than the likes of Rosie Odonnell - now there is a fine role model.

Not that it matters, but I am a tad edgy tonight: My wife is home alone, there are several raging grass fires ignited from lightning strikes that have consumed at least one home just 4 miles from our house (luckily it is headed away from our house) and I am in Germany on business.

I brought up puppymills because those are the dog breeders that breed a bitch every chance they get regardless of health or age. Not those that show dogs.

Testarosa said...

I neglected to mention: you all sound like lovely ladies that would make wonderful parents. I do meant that. I'm not sucking up to anyone, just making an observation from the tone of your blogs.

Pixie said...

Hey, I'm just glad this post brought about such a vivid discussion -- I think this might be my Comment Record!

debbie t. said...

I don't think you get it -- Pixie is just venting her frustrations on a mother who is not prepared to be there for her children. This is a blog about and for stay-at-home moms (although I'm sure all are welcome), so that is what the discussion is about. It would be interesting to cruise around a blog about breeding and dog shows, but unfortunately I have little time and no interest in the subject.

Pixie said...

Thanks, Debbie! That's all I do on this blog -- VENT! :)

jennie g. said...

"try attending a good dog show and talk to some of the exhibitors and you might just see that there is a lot of good in what they are doing."

When did Pixie say there was no good in being an exhibitor at a dog show? She's talking bad about Brangelina -- not the dog breeding or dog show community.

georgia said...

You, Testarosa, just missed the point of this post, entirely.

You, Pixie-- right on! I never liked Angelina since she broke up Brad Pitt's marriage!

Sweepea said...

I love how people are quick to defend animals and dog breeders, but not these poor children who have lost any chance of a normal childhood.