Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Is This Appropriate?

From an article on

(Video may not be appropriate for young viewers.)

"JCPenney's has jumped onto the 'sex sells' bandwagon, trying to update their image to attract a younger crowd. But here's what I'm wondering: The commercial clearly pokes fun at the trusting mom who sits upstairs reading her magazine while the kids 'go downstairs to watch TV.'

"At the same time, it's sending a message to teen customers that today is the day to have sex with your boyfriend, right under your mom's nose. The thing is, that mom in the commercial likely makes up the majority of JCPenney's customer base. How are moms who are loyal to this classic and formerly pretty wholesome brand going to feel about this commercial that encourages their teens to break parental rules and engage in risky behavior? Betrayed? Angry? Suddenly not so spendy?It seems like a big risk to take to me.

"As it turns out, everyone, JCPenney did not authorize this ad. (Let's let out a collective whew.) There's a lot of finger pointing going on right now; JCPenney is blaming its ad company Saatchi & Saatchi, who in turn is blaming the production company Epoch films. According to Gawker, the commercial won an award at the Cannes Lions Awards this past weekend. Penney's chief marketing officer has been quoted as saying, 'It's obviously inappropriate and nothing we would ever condone.'"

What do you think?


Lanxi said...

It's just wrong. First of all, do we need to see teens dressing and undressing for that long? And it doesn't even talk about the product at all.

Makes you wonder who is really to blame. Easy to point a finger when it goes bad, and take the credit when it works out well.
This one, definitely, did not work out well!

Sweepea said...

C'mon... You're telling me that without JCP's permission this agency produced this commercial? Spent all that money and didn't let JCP in on it? B.S.

I work in the entertainment industry and there is no way -- NO WAY -- that my company would allow their name to be used in a commercial without consent. Even if it's solely being shown at an awards ceremony.

Totally inappropriate, and JCP is trying to cover their butts.

jenn t. said...

What was JCPenney thinking? (And, yes, I do blame JCP because I'm sure they approved the ad before it went to air.) Is it "cool" now to show teens having sex? And what was the point of making the mom look like a naive, stupid idiot that allowed this to go on in the house? As a mom, it makes me think twice about shopping at JCP, that's for sure.

emma said...

It looks like they took all the videos off YouTube. Interesting... Well if JCP's denial of responsibility is true, then we should be hearing of a hefty lawsuit and an immediate dismissal of this ad agency!