Monday, September 8, 2008

And So It Goes...

If you are a surveyor of Mommy Blogs across the Blogosphere -- and those Daddy Blogs, too -- you may notice the trend of Back to School posts. Well, how can we resist? We parents are constantly complaining about our brood, until it is time to let them venture off on their own, independent beings who have to make their own choices, their own decisions, and their own mistakes. Then, surprisingly, after begging for some peace and quiet, we shed a tear and wax sentimental about having our children out of the house.

It is a bittersweet goodbye for me. Tomorrow, Volcano starts his first day of kindergarten, and I have a vast array of emotions and thoughts about it. I am so proud of what he has become -- no longer a baby but a little boy, ready to tackle whatever lies ahead. I'm also proud of the job I have done in creating this person, not just physically -- but his personality, intelligence, wit, and friendliness. He has become a charming little 5-year-old, with many talents and a brilliant sense of humor. I will miss having him in the mornings, but I look forward to the adventures that lie ahead for him.

And it's sad to think how fast this time has come! I remember when he was just a baby, looking up at me with wide, innocent eyes. Now he's talk talk talking (constantly!) about Legos, Zoo Tycoon, and Hot Wheels. He has his own taste, his own thoughts, and his own preferences. It's getting harder and harder to tell him what to do. ("Yes, remember? You like shopping!")

I also look forward to the valuable time I get to spend with Monkey. Monkey, as the little sister, has never had me all to herself, while Volcano had two whole years sister-free. As Volcano is in kindergarten, I will have the opportunity to actually talk and play with Monkey by herself, without the conflicts of sibling rivalry. It will be a time to discover her talents, her likes and dislikes, and her individual voice.

I'm sad, proud, happy, but (most of all) excited. For all of us -- Me, Volcano, and Monkey -- have a new life ahead of us.


Dad Stuff said...

Hold on to them as long as possible. It doesn't get easier as they get older.
Enjoy, Monkey.

Sweepea said...

*sniff* Now you made me all teary!!

Carol said...

Oh how lovely.

Hope you're all enjoying the changes.