Monday, September 15, 2008

At Least They Taught Their Kids to Dial 911

The epidemic of kids having to report their parents to the police has seemingly increased in the past few weeks. It just seems too simple to think that parents would want to be a role model for their children, but, unfortunately, it isn't always so. It's disgusting to me that so many mothers and fathers abuse their position or take it for granted, when there are so many people in the world begging to be parents.

Watch this video about the rash of parents who have abandoned all sense of decency and responsibility in front of their children. Their children are the law-abiders who are desperately trying to enforce the rules on their parents, calling for help in the process. Then leave your comment.


Sweepea said...

That video made me tear-up. I mean, what the hell are these parents thinking?? At least someone taught these kids to dial 911 at the appropriate times...Maybe it was their teacher?

Dad Stuff said...

Those poor kids don't stand a chance with parents like those. It's unfortunate that those kids have that kind of an example to pattern their own lives after.
Some people shouldn't be allowed to be parents.

georgia said...

You should need a license to be a parent, like owning a dog or driving a car.