Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Things I Enjoy...

Thanks to Marla at Pak Adventures for this award! And for giving me something to write about today! So, to pass it on, I write:

6 Things I Enjoy:
1. My morning cup of coffee.
2. Baking cookies, muffins, cupcakes, or ANYTHING with my daughter.
3. Playing board games with my son.
4. Shopping.
5. Going out to eat.
6. Getting a blogger award!

Then pass it on to 6 others:
1. Emma @ A Job in Hell
2. Sweepea @ Sweepea's Lounge
3. Clemmy @ How to Get the Guy
6. Dad Stuff @ Stuff in My Brain

I wish them all the best!


Dad Stuff said...

Thanks again for the honor.

BTW, what board game do you play with your son?
Just curious.

emma said...

Thanks! This is sweet!

pixie said...

Volcano and I like to play Sorry! and Trouble. He also just got into checkers. It's a great age, to actually have someone to play board games with during the day!

Sweepea said...

Thanks for the cheers, babeh!

Kally said...

Thanks a thousand times over! :)