Monday, January 26, 2009

Lucky Number Six

This was inspired by a post from Dad Stuff on Stuff in My Brain. I was tagged (albeit indirectly): all you have to do is go to your "My Pictures" file and find your sixth picture, then write a post about it.

This intrigued me. We've had a digital camera since 2001. That is, since before the children. What would I find when I looked at the sixth picture I have saved on my computer?

Well, here it is. This was taken on Hubby and my trip to Jamaica. I was lying on the beach, soaking in the beautiful scenary, and I wanted to capture my view on film. Isn't it beautiful? I relax (a little) just looking at the picture. This is my Happy Place.

Ahhhh... brings me back to those wistful days B.K. (Before Kids) when I could sleep in and stay out late. When I got a mani/pedi every other week. When Hubby and I ate dinner whenever we were hungry. When the phrase "time out" was only heard while watching a basketball game. When I could go to the bathroom without someone pounding on the door saying, "Mommy! She hit me!" When Hubby and I had the money to go on trips like this. (sigh...)

Can you tell it's already been one of those days?

Now it's your turn! Dig deep for your sixth picture, and post about it on your blog. And don't forget to link back here!

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jennie-o said...

{sigh} Wow! That looks amazing! Is Jamaica really that beautiful? Looks like the kind of place I could use RIGHT NOW!!