Monday, January 5, 2009

Mommy's New Year's Resolutions

Resolution: Help the kids learn something new every day.
Mid-Year Modification: Hook up the kids to for 30 minutes every day.
Year-End Modification: Have the kids count to 30 while in time-out every day.

Resolution: Stop yelling.
Mid-Year Modification: Close the garage and windows before yelling.
Year-End Modification: Glare back at the neighbors who stare at you accusingly after yelling.

Resolution: Become more spiritual.
Mid-Year Modification: Try to avoid grimacing at the kids.
Year-End Modification: Pray for an end to daily bouts.

Resolution: Get out of debt.
Mid-Year Modification: Look at the bank balance once in a while.
Year-End Modification: Hope for a really good tax rebate.

Resolution: Remodel the house.
Mid-Year Modification: Give the house a good cleaning.
Year-End Modification: Rearrange the junk drawer.

Resolution: Start exercising more.
Mid-Year Modification: Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
Year-End Modification: Take the stairs instead of yelling at my kids from the first floor.

Resolution: Reach my ideal weight.
Mid-Year Modification: Stop eating my meal and the kids' leftovers.
Year-End Modification: Revisit this goal in early 2010.


The White House said...

Oh Yeah! That is right up my alley... love the resolutions and modifications.

Kally said...

These are my kind of resolutions! Love 'em!!

Sweepea said...

Haha! So true, so true...