Monday, June 22, 2009

Rules of Common Decency

Yahoo! Food's blog Foxy Festivities posted "The Worst (and Most Common) Etiquette Mistakes," and, I had to agree with them for the most part.

Offense #1: Neglecting to RSVP for an Event
What else can I say that hasn't been said in my previous post? And the girls agree with me here.

Offense #2: The Only One I Disagree With
The Foxy Festivities write, "How annoying is it when you go to dinner with four or more people, the check finally arrives, and one of your meal companions begins to divvy up the check down to the last penny?" Uh, that would be me! I have been stiffed on the bill so many times, that I made a vow not to let it happen to me again! Once Hubby and I went to a dinner with a bunch of other couples, and we were saving up for a house. Hubby ordered just an appetizer and I ordered a side salad. Everyone else was ordering drinks, appetizers, entrees, desserts, the works. Then, when the bill came, someone shouted, "Should we just say... $100 a couple?" I was piiiiiissed. That was the last time we went out with those people, and now... yes, I am the penny-pincher. But here's my solution: separate checks. Saves all the trouble.

Offense #3: People Who Can't Stand the Line
This has also been a subject of a previous post. The moaners who gripe and complain, the people who "tailgate" or even cut in line -- YOU are annoying. Even a kindergartner knows how to stand in line. And, guess what, you who pretend you don't see a line and start your own, or you who try and merge with the line: you're not fooling anyone.

Offense #4: Talking Only About Yourself
As I've said before, sometimes it's hard to hang out with other moms, because all they do is talk about how wonderful and brilliant and talented their kid is. I've even been cut-off mid-sentence so that a fellow mom could one-up me. It's ridiculous, not to mention out and out rude. Either you sound mean because your kid is doing better, or you sound stupid because he's not. Either way, it's a bad idea.

Offense #5: The Public Diaper Change

Again, I've addressed this topic in a previous post. There is no reason to change a poopy diaper around others -- it's just gross. And changing a wet diaper publicly should only be done when absolutely necessary. Nowadays there are plenty of places to change your little one.

Offense #6: Cell Phone Abuse

Did you know that you don't have to scream for the other person to hear you on a cell phone? (Really! It's true!) No one else cares about what you're talking about. It's pure selfishness and self-centeredness to think that your phone call is more important than anything else going on around you.

Offense # 7: Smokers

Thank God I live in Oregon where the rules about smoking are very strict. It seems to me that smokers are some of the most arrogant people: blowing it into the air without realizing we are all breathing nearby. Or throwing their burning butt on the ground without putting it out. Isn't that what trash cans are for -- for trash?

Offense #8: Bathroom Etiquette

Public bathrooms are called "public" because we all have to use them! So splattering on the seat or neglecting to flush is not just disgusting, it's unsanitary. Either practice your aim or clean up after yourself!

Offense #9: The Parking Lot Theif

If someone has their blinker on and is patiently waiting for a spot, it's theirs. And if you've already passed a spot up, it's gone. Simple rules that some people just ignore. Heaven forbid they have to walk a few extra yards to their destination.

Offense #10: Showing Your Tummy

Anyone who isn't between the ages 18 to 25, or isn't poolside or at the beach -- we don't want to see your belly. That includes joggers, people working in their front yard, or someone working out. Guys, girls... no discrimination here: keep your shirts on! And unless your Brandi Chastain, sports bras alone are not appropriate workout wear.

Offense # 11: Spitting in Public

Since when was this ever okay? It's hard to believe that people will just spit on the sidewalk or hock a lugee when the urge arises. It makes me dry-heave just to think about it. Like I tell my kids, "We only spit when we're brushing our teeth." And that goes double for adults.

Offense #12: Horn Abuse

People who honk just to express their emotions need to take Driver's Ed. again. Honk your horn only if you're trying to warn someone about a collision or problem. And when the light turns green, give me a second or two to take my foot off the brake and place it on the gas before you go leaning on your horn! It's not the Indy 500!

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Sweepea said...

Amen! I myself had a post solely dedicated to the Honker. All of these are right on!!