Monday, June 8, 2009

It's Still a Thrill to Watch

I usually don't review movies on this blog, but I just have to write about the 1963 comedy classic The Thrill of It All. It's an old movie, but I was surprised how the premise holds true to modern times (especially in this economy).

Doris Day plays a happily married housewife whose life changes dramatically when the president of a soap company decides she's the perfect TV spokesperson for his product. After the ads air, she becomes famous, and her doctor husband (James Garner) doesn't cope well with the change. It's great to see how much can change when a full-time mother goes into the work force: the house is in complete disarray, and the father is thrown for a loop when he's not the major breadwinner! It is at times a little chauvenistic (it was the 60's), but it touches on the importance of women, for not only children but for husbands as well. In a backhanded way it shows how important the many roles of a woman are to the success off a family.

One of the best parts of this movie are the kids. They remind me so much of my own: they both talk too loud, and they're constantly interrupting their parents in the middle of family discussions. The child actors are realistic and candid -- obviously not the jaded, overdone child actors of today. They're often frustrating, but always lovable... and hilarious! My favorite scene in the whole movie is the very first time we meet the kids: the mom is trying to give her daughter a bath when the phone rings. What occurs next is a very realistic reflection of daily household situations in my house.

The only part I don't like about this movie is the ending -- this is when the movie becomes annoyingly out of date. But don't let that deter you. It was the 60's, after all, and it's still a great film. I propose a remake, with a more modern, more updated ending. Maybe someone like Jennifer Aniston could play Doris Day's part, and Ben Affleck would be great for the husband.

I caught it on AMC, but you can also watch it on You Tube. And then, let me know what you think!


Life As I Know It said...

I've never seen it, but will put it on my list. I love old movies - mostly a sucker for Audrey Hepburn films.

Sweepea said...

LOVE this movie. Maybe it's because it's got James Garner. :)

Dad Stuff said...

Will do. I love old movies.

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