Monday, August 17, 2009

No Shirt, No Shoes... No, Seriously!

While standing in line at our local ice cream parlor, I couldn’t help but gag. In front of me was a father, lovingly holding his two or three-year-old boy on his shoulders. But that wasn’t the gross part. The part I found disgusting was that the little boy had no clothes on. No shirt, no pants, no shoes. Not a stitch of clothing on. All this kid was wearing was a Pull-Up.


Now I’ll admit, it was one hundred eight degrees outside that evening. I am not exaggerating. The car’s thermometer read 108. I mean, that is hot anywhere, and we were on the Oregon coast. None of us were used to this heat. And I was sympathetic to the child’s comfort, putting my own kids in tank tops and shorts that evening. I myself never wear tank tops unless I am at the gym, and I was wearing a tank top that day. We had specifically gone to the ice cream shop to cool down in the A/C and to get a cold treat. But the difference was... we were all fully clothed.

Why do people feel that it is acceptable to have their children walk around town half-dressed? Pull-Ups are the same as a diaper or underwear. This is not acceptable attire by itself. It's not like we were at the baby's private home, or at a swimming pool. We were in a public place, a place that serves food. I mean, would it have been okay for the dad to be standing in line for ice cream in just his tidy whities? As far as I’m concerned, it’s the same thing as this little boy sitting here in his Pull-Up all by itself.


Most stores have a policy about “No shirt, no shoes, no service.” Why are children the exception? It’s still gross. Even if you’re living on the sun, you still have to wear clothes. It’s a matter of common decency. Especially in a restaurant or grocery store. We’re not at the beach, people.

Another day the family and I went to Subway, and we couldn’t help but be annoyed at this little boy running around without a parent following. The mom was sitting with a friend gossiping, letting the toddler roam around the store. Worse yet, the kid was just wearing a t-shirt and a diaper.


It’s just trashy. It’s just gross. It’s just wrong. Letting your kids run around in a restaurant is bad enough, but letting him do it half-dressed should be illegal. It’s very hard to eat when I can see your kid’s diaper running around in front of me. I mean, do you know what kids do in those things? THEY POOP IN THEM! Yes, really! It literally made me lose my appetite.

I understand that kids make a mess, spill food on their clothes, poop in their pants, or throw up on their shirts. These things happen. But a mom or dad’s job requires them to bring a spare set of clothes, either tucked in a diaper bag or folded in their car. If we know these things happen, then we as parents should be prepared. When my kids were younger, they ruined many, many items of clothing. But I always had a spare set in my bag and in the car, just in case. And if you have a newborn baby, the kid should still be in at least a onesie. You pack extra diapers, wet wipes, and all that other stuff for the baby. Make sure you throw in an extra onesie too.

So do us all a favor. Keep your kids dressed. Licking an ice cream cone is just not the same when I’m staring at your kids’ butt in a Pull-Up.


McMommy said...

I agree!! Taking your kid into an ice cream parlor in only his diaper is a little too white trash for me!!

Dad Stuff said...

I see I'm going to have to rethink my wardrobe if I ever visit Oregon.

Lanxi said...

Yes, but tell us how you really feel.... :)