Monday, March 22, 2010

Pickles and Ice Cream

Okay, I'm now 26 weeks pregnant, and the food cravings have subsided. I was craving Kool-Aid and Mexican food for the longest time (sounds so ghetto, doesn't it?), but those days are long gone.

Seems like I should tell Hubby the good news.

He went grocery shopping the other day, so I made a list for him. We were going to make turkey burgers, so I added pickles to the list. The kids love pickles, and I wanted the burgers to taste more like junk food then they really were.

Hubby returns and lovingly presents me with the largest jar of whole pickles I had ever seen.

"What is this?" I asked. "We don't need this many pickles!"

"Oh," Hubby said, looking at me, confused. "I thought it was some sort of craving you were having."

The ol' pickles and ice cream craving, right? Which I had never had in any of my pregnancies. Wasn't this an I Love Lucy episode, where Lucy sent Ricky out in the middle of the night for some pickles and ice cream? (Actually, I think it was ice cream and sardines. Blech.)

Looks like Hubby isn't the only one who believes this stereotype. You search "pickles and ice cream" on bing and it's all about maternity and pregnancy. In truth, cravings just tell a woman what her body needs. Women who crave pickles are really craving salt, and they may be mineral deficient, specifically sodium. And ice cream is just a sweet treat associated with comfort.

Which might explain why I was craving Mexican food. It reminds me of my mom's home cooking, my grandma's house, and feeling warm and well-fed.

Now, what pregnant woman doesn't want that feeling?


Sweepea said...

Ha! Well, at least Husband's out getting you food. :)

alanna rose said...

I'm at 30 weeks now, and the cravings have mostly stopped. Except for Mexican food - I always want Mexican food! Actually I craved Kool-aid this time, too - which is super weird because we never ever drink it. Maybe I had a deficiency in food dyes? ;)

pixie said...

OMG!! How funny that we have the same cravings!! We never drink Kool-Aid either, so I've been drinking fruit punch or juices instead :)

georgia said...

I always craved chocolate and peanut butter with my pregnancies. Actually, I ALWAYS crave chocolate and peanut butter!!