Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dinner Table Topics

Set the table! It's time for Dinner Table Topics: current news and indings that can keep the conversation alive at dinner. Participation is mandatory for the parents as well as the kids too -- it's important that everyone has a say, and that we all learn to listen.

A new study finds that children whose mothers are depressed are less likely to develop problem behaviors if their husbands are actively engaged in their family life. Duh. Didn't we all know that two parents are better than one?

Another study shows that U.S. mothers are still the ones most likely to take off work to care for a sick child or because of a school closing. "Men put work first and women adapt their work around the family, including both their children’s and husband’s schedules." Seems like women know where their priorities are at, even if they can't be full-time moms. Bravo!

And lastly, yet another study found that childhood obesity may affect school attendance. "As the rate of childhood obesity increases, parallel increases in school absenteeism should be expected," warn Temple University's Andrew Geier, PhD, and colleagues in the journal Obesity. This means that, ironically, school programs to promote childhood fitness and nutrition won't reach the kids that are absent from school. It becomes a vicious cycle. Maybe we as parents should be more responsible for our child's eating and exercise habits.

Some things to think about as you eat your dinner. Bon appetite!

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