Monday, February 11, 2008

But Is the Beer Okay?

This month we've had two Bad Parents of the Month awards to give out, which I guess makes up for the lack of awards in other months. So we're going to change the name of the tag to Random Acts of Bad Parenting. They are so random, and it's not always parents. However, I digress.

It seems that one Florida mother has her priorities out of whack. According to recent reports, Tina Williams (pictured left) of St. Augustine, Florida, was pulled over recently when she ran a red light. The police officer was then surprised to find that Williams had a 24-pack of beer securely fastened by a seat belt in the front seat, yet her 16-month old girl had no car seat in the back.

Police said Williams had bloodshot and watery eyes and staggered when she got out of the vehicle. Asked if she'd been drinking, she told the deputy, "I had a few." Williams was charged with DUI, child endangerment, driving without a license, running a red light and failure to use a child restraint. To top it all off, she was found with two drug pipes in her purse.
Niiiiiice! Good job, "Mom"!


bloggermama said...

You know, I usually don't laugh at the misfortunes of others, but this is just too funny! She SO got what she deserved and I'm glad her child is now safe!

jessica t. said...

She's more like a frat guy than a mother! Buckle up the kid, mama!

Sweepea said...

She needs to dye her roots too... Fashion faux pas!