Monday, June 29, 2009

Rules of Common Decency: Pixie's Remix

In a previous post I added my own two cents on "The Worst (And Most Common) Etiquette Mistakes" by Foxy Festivities on Yahoo! Food. Thinking more about it, there are some I'd like to add.

Offense #13: Mind Your Own Business!
Since when is it any of your business how I raise my child? For some reason people feel the need to tell mothers how to feed, teach, discipline, comfort, and even wipe the a$$ of their child. As long as we're not doing anything immoral or illegal, it's really none of your business. If we wanted your opinion, we'd ask for it.

Offense # 14: Time-Wasters
Anyone who decides my time is not as important as theirs is in this category. This includes the store clerks at Old Navy who don't open the store until 10:15, even though their sign says they open at 10. This includes the woman in front of me at Safeway who can't seem to find her Club Card when it's time to swipe it in the register. This includes the person crossing the street in the middle of a busy intersection when the light is red, making us all stop and wait so we don't kill anyone. This includes the friend who constantly shows up late for playdates because she had "a few things to finish up before she left the house." And -- yes -- this includes my 4-year-old daughter, the Queen of All Time-Wasters, who thinks it's more important to try on boas and tutus than to get downstairs for breakfast so we're not late to school.

Offense # 15: People Who Forget Simple Rules of Etiquette
I really think that rudeness has become a growing trend in our society. There are so many people who don't hold the door for me when my hands are full, people who huff and puff or sigh loudly instead of saying "Excuse me" when they want to get by, and people who don't say "please" or "thank you" in everyday conversation. It's not just our children who need to mind their manners. Some adults need a refresher course, as well.

Offense # 16: Can I Have Some Space, Please?
Whether you're personally tailgating me or nudging me in the behind with your shopping cart, I get it. You’re in a hurry, and your time is more precious than mine. These are the opposite of the Time-Wasters. You have no concept of personal space. If I'm sitting in church, there's no reason to sit right on my lap (unless you're my child, then it's okay). On the other hand, I don't need you to make a large radius of space when you see me and my kids coming your way. For some reason, I see people waiting impatiently in their cars, eyes rolling, as I try to get my kids out of the minivan. The minivan has a sliding door, and there is plenty of room for them to get out. But instead they have to make a big show of letting me get the kids out first, while they do me the honor of waiting there. Do they know that childhood is not contagious? You can come close to us and we won't bite. (Well, most of us won't. Unless we're provoked... then all bets are off.)

Any more I forgot?


emma said...

I believe an Office Version is in order at A Job in Hell!

Sweepea said...

These are just spot on.